Dear my kids,



Even if I am old and one day different from what I used to be, please understand me as it is.

Even if I spill food on my clothes or forget to tie my shoelaces, I want you to watch as if I have taught you various things

When talking to you, even if I repeat the same story over and over again, I want you to nod without interrupting the ending

The heartwarming ending of the book I read repeatedly under your urge was always same, but made my heart peaceful.

It is not sad. I want you to give encouragement to my heart that seems to disappear.

When I inadvertently get my underwear wet when I have fun or when I don’t like taking a bath, remember our nostalgic days.

The days when I chased you and changed clothes many times, and managed to convince you that didn’t want to take a bath and took a bath together.

It is not sad.

I want you to pray for blessing to me as I prepare for my departure.

I might not be able to swallow by losing my teeth.

If my legs are weak and I can’t stand up, I want you to hold your hand somewhere as I stagger, as if you asked me for help trying to stand up with your weak legs.

When you see me, please don’t feel sad or think you are helpless

It’s hard to know that I have no power to hug you, but I want you to have the heart to understand and support me.

I am sure it will give me courage by having that

I want you to accompany you a little at the end of my life, just as I attended firmly at the beginning of your life.

I want to respond with a smile with the many joys I have received from your birth and my unchanging love for you.

To my kids, to my dearest kids

(Written in Portuguese, author unknown)



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